With two days to go before my 90km charity cycle to Electric Picnic I’m slowly getting excited but with a few butterflies(maniacal, evil butterflies who seem intent on bursting out of my stomach). It’s for a great cause (Temple Street Children’s Hospital) and I’m delighted to have raised over a thousand euro but that all feels like the easy part compared to the looming gigantic cycle.

Distraction appears to be the only way forward. I found an old dress of my Mum’s from the 70s in the attic yesterday that I’d like to jazz up for the occasion. Very loud print and too colourful for the human eye to take in in one go (They don’t make them like they used to). It’s in need of shortening (as most things I wear do, being 5 foot 1″ish), strap removal and a few darts here and there so it seems like the perfect task to throw myself into to temporarily forget about my first big cycle.

So, here’s to a big cycle for a great cause and a fantastic weekend of music and fun (&, fingers crossed, the continued use of my legs). Go go gadget quads!

Wish me luck.



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