The post-festival go-slow, time for some work……

After a big rest I’m finally feeling back to normal. Last weekend’s cycle and festival went wonderfully and I’m still chuffed with myself. The cycle itself wasn’t half as bad as I was expecting and I made it down about 3 hours earlier than I had anticipated (good old self-doubt!). The customized attic dress (let’s just call it upcycled retro from here on in) looked at home in the festival surroundings and my Mum was delighted her loudly-printed 70’s garb was back in action. I slept a total of nine hours all weekend, drank a heroic amount for a human of my height, danced/jumped/fell over til I was covered in owies and loved every minute.

Unfortunately, as with every year post-three day drinking event, I’ve been left with a nasty cold and various bumps and bruises. It’s my personal belief that I’m also suffering from glow stick goo poisoning but without medical evidence I’ll make my peace with calling it a terrible case of the sniffles. This has had me in a heap on the couch for most of the week feeling sorry for myself with very little crafting done. I’ve taken on some light hand-sewing today (so as not to over-exert my delicate self) and might get around to making my Christmas market list……..if I can get my head around it. 

As rough as it is at the moment, I can’t wait for the next one!



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