Living Up to the Stereotype

It was a very happy Paddy’s Day in Dublin yesterday but I’m really feeling it today!

I was part of a 45-strong team of intrepid pub adventurers who braved 12 establishments on a special Paddy’s Day pub crawl. I joined 3 pubs into proceedings (there was a three drink catch up penalty for my lateness enforced by the lovely event organiser, Sue. Rules are rules!)

As you can see below, it was a classy affair full of reserved individuals (I  think we all look fresh as daisies considering this was the last pub).

paddy's day pub crawlI knew a handful of the people there and only one well but everyone was so lovely and friendly I have signed up for every Paddy’s Day pub crawl for the next 5 years as a result of the warm welcome they gave me.

I don’t know about everyone else but I haven’t awoken on time to catch even a moment of the parade since I was about 9 years old. In fact, the only Paddy’s Day parade I’ve been to since the age of 6 was in Syndey and to be completely honest, they put us to shame! The true meaning of Paddy’s Day (aside from the actual, true, real meaning of course) is on the streets and in/around the pubs. A day off work to partake in some stereotypical drink-overindulgence after a lie in. When people refer to craic, they’re certainly not talking about the leprechaun costumes, shamrocks or top’o’the mornin’ to yas. To me at least, it’s the palpable warmth, the sense of fun and the hum of collective chatter from a pub full of happy people.



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