Another Great EP

Electric Picnic 2011

Messy Messy Messy.

EP2011I’m still feeling a bit rough. In fact, this is what I imagine being 150 years old would be like, I’m walking around making an involuntary groaning noise and it takes me about ten minutes to get out of a chair. My voice is gone, my tummy hurts and I have no feeling in my left leg from the knee down (I discovered this the hard way -I was like a baby deer, stumbling around my tent, falling over & hitting things).

As always, the festival delivers on it’s promises of fun, frolics, drunken antics and I briefly heard rumours of music being played somewhere. We had a great camping commune full of wonderful people and spent three loud days playing, getting muddy, dancing, drinking like we were invincible (something I now know not to be true) and generally having fun. There was, of course, some amazing music in between, I am delighted to have seen some of my all-time favourites this year; Gemma Hayes, The Rapture, Death in Vegas and a couple of big ones; Arcade Fire and Chemical Brothers.

Two highlights for me were the charity cycle down (arriving with such a sense of achievement completely masks the tiredness) and the “Go big or go home” Sunday afternoon make or break moment when we threw ourselves into some last-day drinking.  For the second year running we had an unexpectedly big Sunday night. I just hadn’t believed we had it in us. A personal low point was, post-chair swings dizziness-induced, face-planting into the dirt and taking a friend with me -Sorry Dee!!!

Some thoughts for next time; spend more time in Body & Soul (said that last year), you never regret the rave in the woods no matter what time (said that last year), bring more glow sticks (said that last year, doubling the budget wasn’t enough), the burrito was a mistake (thankfully, this is a new one).

It’ll be a few days before I’m right again but all I know is that right now I need a toastie.


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