Hannah’s Hat

I’ve never been too fanatical about vintage clothing and have never had faith in my eye for previously-worn or “pre-loved” pieces. My appreciation for the older generations of belongings grew from one of my favourite possessions -my big chunky grey hat that used to belong to my Granny. My mother’s mother, Hannah, was a truly inspirational person. To be honest, I have come to know her more intimately in recent years, long since her death, through stories of her amazing independence, intelligence and strength from my mother, aunts, uncles and older cousins.

With a keen interest in history and politics, Hannah kept well-informed and held strong views of the Ireland she saw through the decades. Despite raising seven children and losing her husband in her forties she was a strong woman, running her household with great warmth and character. As I was only 7 when she passed away, her insanely soft hands, love of jigsaws and the cue cards she used to teach me how to read with are my warmest memories of a wonderful woman I came to know later on.


I wear my big warm wooly hat with pride, hoping to absorb some of the Elliott character by osmosis. Since discovering Granny’s hat in the attic a few years ago, I developed an appreciation for the older generation of objects. It seems to me that the items from times past that have survived thus far are the best ones, the teacups and tiaras have been through a lot to get to the vintage shops of today. With this in mind I have started a collection of little nicnacs and trinkets that give me a sense of past at a glance.

I can’t help but gaze into vintage shops now wondering how many grannies, granddads and great great great great aunts & uncles have contributed to our nostalgic experience, with a growing fondness and fascination for yesterday.


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