Another Amazing Electric Picnic

It never fails to disappoint but this year I was blown away.

Drunker, dirtier, funner (it is so a word, shut up!).


When people talk about the festival line-up, I can’t help but boast a fantastic list of acts I saw but my mind is on my fellow campers. As you can see we had a phenomenal line-up of brilliant, fun people and we had an absolute ball.

There were some huge bands and some of my favourites; The Cure, Hot Chip, Sigur Ros, Crystal Castles, Elbow, David Kitt, Villagers (to name but a few). Yet, surprisingly, two of the greatest festival moments came early on the Saturday and Sunday as Trinity Orchestra and Dublin Gospel Choir took to the main stage. I’ve never made it dressed, out of my tent and into the arena before 3pm at EP before but somehow a huge group of our friends made the effort and managed to make the two unbelievably good performances and somehow everyone shook the hangovers and accumulated front right of the stage in great form. Trinity Orchestra played Dark Side of the Moon while we all flaked out on the grass and finished up with some Stevie Wonder tunes -met with a hugely appreciative, dancing crowd. Dublin gospel choir did mostly Electric Picnic classics from popular past and present performers and two notable highlights were Elbow’s “One day like this” and “Titanium” by David Guetta. If all this wasn’t enough, by some miracle, the sun shone down on us both days.

So now I sit in my usual post-festival haze. In pain, still filthy despite two showers, no voice.

I’m off on holiday tomorrow -meeting a boy in Biarritz! It’ll be very la-di-da if I can get myself together and become human again.


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