Why It’s Written In Joyce’s Heart

Dublin, to my eye, is a beautiful place.

I often walk around this city, down streets I’ve walked at least 100 times before and find something new & amazing. Walking on a boardwalk, over cobbles, through the throngs of shoppers or down the alleys there’s an unmistakable energy. It doesn’t have a name and I’m pretty sure I only felt it when I’d lived somewhere else and come back but it’s made of magic. Sure it can be grumpy and damp at times but this place has quirks, it’s fun and interesting. In fact, it would make a great first date. We should set it up with a cute, fun city we know and see if they hit it off. Preferably one with a vaguely similar climate without a difficult time difference.

Well, Dublin, I see you clicking with Amsterdam. It has canals, you have canals. It likes bikes, you like bikes. You don’t massively dislike tulips. You’d never be stuck for chat.

I’ve actually never been to Amsterdam (though I might have to go soon and inspect this floozy my city’s been seeing).

Admittedly, this took a surreal turn. I just wanted to state my love for this great place. It has character, charm and humour despite its troubles. The segway into dating part of the Netherlands was accidental. Long distance wouldn’t really suit anyway. Your loss Amsterdam.

I can’t help but wonder about Dublin’s online dating profile now though………..


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