Easter Bunny Egg Cozies

You Will Need:
2 Felt Bunny Shapes
Sewing Needle & Thread
1 Bunny Tail Bobble
1 Chocolate Egg to Hide


Lying your egg (I used a Cadbury’s Cream Egg) on it’s side over a piece of paper, draw around it (with your pencil standing straight from the edge rather than where the egg touches the paper). Draw a line 1cm further out from this line. This will be the border for your bunny’s body. You can now draw your bunny’s head & ears (as below) and cut out your paper template. Use this to cut two identical bunny shapes out of felt (you can draw around them or pin the paper directly to the felt to cut around).

bunny #1

  • Place your two bunnies together, if the edges do not match up you can trim the border. Sew out one side of your felt from the centre, so that your knot is hidden in the middle. 

bunny #2                                                   bunny #3

  • From here you can chose a blanket, running or edging stitch 

delightful 010


  • Continue to sew around the entire bunny until you get to the front paws. Sew in between the layers and knot your thread here.

bunny #5

  • Pull the two layers of felt apart and puff out the centre with your fingers. Now you can hide your chocolate egg inside for safe keeping! 

bunny #6                                             bunny #6

  • Place your tubby bunny upright. Nobody will suspect a thing. Add a fluffy tail if you’d like to decorate him.

bunny #8

* The same technique can be used for larger Easter eggs if you want to keep things cozy on a bigger scale.


Happy Crafting Kids!







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