They’re Calling Me “Accident-Prone” (Polite Word For Clumsy)

So, I had another little tumble.

Having taken up running 8 days ago I decided to take my new fast legs for a spin through Herbert Park and hit the deck after tripping over some uneven ground. It would be fair to say that the highest stone sticking out of the ground was about 4cm above level and I should have been lifting said fast legs higher than this but I still feel like it was the fault of the dirt track and not my own (*shakes fist at earth). I ploughed into the ground in front of two runners (real ones) and two groundskeepers, who helped me to the nearest tap to clean my wound (conveniently placed exactly where my February bike fall left me maimed). My arm is all stingy and sore but my pride came off a bit worse.

jenny 106

Given my history of failing to stay upright all the time and what I would call an unlucky run of injuries, I should probably have given this running career a tad more thought. I’ll keep on trucking for now, maybe even taking more care of myself and watching for obstacles.

Note to self: Lift legs higher.

*UPDATE: Two days later I was swinging my arms two vigorously while walking and punched a wheelie bin. I now have a plaster on my knuckles to match my arm. I, personally, think it makes me look more street.


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