There Is No Better Feeling


A Belly Flop into the sea on a blissful sunny Friday in Dublin is the finest of things.

A few friends and I took to the 40 foot and plunged into the cold sea water, in the least graceful fashion, to cool off from the tropical heatwave Dublin is currently enjoying.

In the “hazy, lazy, crazy days of Summer” version of events we remember the kids’ laughter, smell of suncream and sight of 99s all ’round fondly and omit the pretty brutal girl fight we witnessed from across the beach. It is still Dublin after all!

Instead bombing into the sea at speed, the fuzzy feeling of drying off in the sun and flaking out on the beach as the sun sank slowly lower in the sky will live on in the much-instagramed Summer of 2013 memory box.

This may seem unusual to those from warmer places but the ability to spend an evening outside without the threat of imminent rain, hail or sub-zero temperatures is so unbelievably out of the ordinary. The wonderful novelty of of sauntering about town with no jacket! Our little country breaking from it’s baltic norm.

The joys!

sea waves


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