The Long, Long, Longitude Weekend

Well that whizzed by in the blink of an eye! A full three days that felt like a few hours -crazy fun hours (time flies and all that). After years of attending Electric Picnic -a four-day mud-marathon endurance test, three days of great music at a festival where you get to go home and shower every day sounded almost too good to be true. In reality it was no less messy and no more tame. It would have been less traumatic to my body and my spirit had we gone home after the respectable finishing time of 11pm each night. Alas the festival atmosphere was undeniable all the way through, various venues in town and an array of house parties were calling us and, too hopped up on drink, good music & ingested glow stick goo, we were powerless to ignore it.


Dublin was still enjoying it’s uncharacteristically hot July weather so each act was bookended with some flaking out on the grass and reflection (deep emotions and insights through drunken ramblings). Impressing myself with my early arrival, I saw Cast Of Cheers first and they were great, followed by Marcus Foster (may have had a little crush on him and his keyboard player), Vondelpark, Django Django, Foals and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. The stages were just a short walk apart so it was so much easier to fit in everything we wanted to see than at the bigger festivals and there was no need for wellies due to the dry weather and fewer people.

Getting in at 5:30 Saturday morning did very little for our stamina but Saturday’s line up was happening with or without us so after a cooked breakfast, shower and a lot of hugging, we boosted morale enough to drag ourselves to Marlay Park for the second day of revelling (it was actually evening by the time we got there after a Dundrum  mojito & barbecue stop and a brief prosecco rest in Ballinteer on the way). Villagers, as always, were excellent. We caught the end of Trentmoller before the amazingness that was Paul Kalkbrenner.

Sunday’s late start, similar to Saturday’s led to us missing Frightened Rabbit and the Minutes as the nights started to take their toll on us but we made it in for Hot Chip, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, some of SBTRKT’s DJ set and Kraftwerk. Honestly Kraftwerk were slightly disappointing for me, I’d been looking forward to seeing them for so long and actually found them a bit boring. The 3D glasses were fun though!

One of my favourite things about any festival is catching acts you wouldn’t necessarily go to see in a stand alone concert and becoming a fan, Paul Kalkbrenner and Foals really delivered for me in this way. I can’t wait to see them again.

So the three days joined into one big blur of luminous facepaint, whiskey-smuggling and questionable decisions and have resulted in a mud-caked, vaguely human-shaped ball of pained, pukey, paranoid Jenny blob on the couch and that all too familiar faint groaning sound that I can’t stop making. Or at least I think it’s coming from me.


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