The Healthy Eating Buzz

Northbrook Bootcamp began on Monday. I wasn’t going to write a post on it until we were at least a week in incase we fell flat on our fat faces (inevitably into a vat of Thai take away). I may be prematurely proud but three and a half days have passed and we are doing amazingly! We are each taking turns to cook dinner in the evenings, exercising as much as we can, counting calories obsessively, going to bed at a reasonable hour and generally staying on our best behavior. It may not seem like the biggest deal to most but for us going one day without eating junk and sitting on the couch all evening is nothing short of a miracle. For me the change is drastic, I did my first 10km run on Monday, have had a minimum of 8 hours sleep each night and have eaten bucket-loads of veg & salad every day -I’m sure my body is crazy confused about what’s going on.

The truth is we’ve made ourselves unwell as a result of all the drinking, eating, lack of sleep and being bold. After countless Mondays weighing up the damage from the weekend, we were starting to see lasting effects of our lifestyle and it was time to do something about it. I don’t think this marks the start of a complete 180 in our reckless unhealthy lives where we become vegan marathon-runners  but if any part of this new regime sticks we’ll be winning.

Wish us luck!


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