Experimental Pie Time

Ok, this is a weird one…

I, as per usual, got an idea into my head that I just had to figure out and make real! Chocolate and caramel meringue pie must happen -like a lemon meringue pie layout with a millionaire’s shortbread soul. The only problem (or at least the biggest of many) is that the method for millionaire’s shortbread doesn’t really lend itself to successful meringue-making. Nevertheless, I started out with gusto and no idea where I was headed. I incorporated cocoa into a simple sweet pie crust, baked it blind and let it cool completely before adding the caramel. I popped it in the fridge to set for an hour before topping it with melted chocolate and letting that set int the same way. This is when things got tricky -I couldn’t just make an ordinary meringue and throw it in an oven or I’d have a pool of melty, mixing, chocolate and caramel mess underneath. I knew it had to be Italian meringue…but I don’t own a blow torch so the grill is my only option.


As it was the grill was fine, it was never going to produce the perfect meringue (which, in my opinion, has crunchy bits, chewy bits and fluffy bits in different layers) but the effect was great and my friends absolutely loved it!


Spacially, it looks like the meringue outweighs the caramel, chocolate and pie crust hugely but as it was so light, it reduced a lot and the caramel & chocolate were so dense it balanced nicely in the end.

Italian meringue is tricky but makes for a dramatic cloud and I was delighted I could stick it under the grill instead of melting my lower layers.

That said, I really do need a blow torch. I love baking but it is missing the excitement of flames!!!


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