It’s such a huge relief to finally be able to tell everyone (& type it in capitals)


I hear the beginning is as good a place as any (thanks Julie). I filled out the online application for Bake Off way back in January when all of my New Year’s resolutions were still fresh in my head and I naively thought I’d follow all of them through and become a better person before the year was out. I obviously wanted to get to the next stage but hadn’t considered it would happen. When someone from the programme phoned me a week later I felt completely blind-sided. As the weeks went on I slowly began to realise that I might actually make it into the tent! I wanted to meet Anna, I wanted to bake things and I wanted to be a part of the Bake Off world (every time I hear that music I just want to step into the TV). What I hadn’t really put much thought into was the actual being on TV part.


After weeks of preparing, studying, excitement and terror, I met my 11 new best buds in the beautiful setting of Tinakilly House. These amazing bakers, along with the production people, crew and hotel staff made such a lovely atmosphere I felt at home straight away. I could have stayed at Camp Bake Off indefinitely……if it wasn’t for the insane nerves I was suffering from about the actual baking element!

My Bake Off buddies and I have grown incredibly close over the last few weeks, having shared the greatest and most bizarre times. I have almost too much to say about the whole experience, a little time has passed since we wrapped the series and I’m still overwhelmed by the Bake Off journey so I’ll be drip-feeding my gushing tales of love & baking here over the next few weeks.


Above is a photo from the launch in the lovely Cliff Town house, Stephen’s Green (the dress was a pile of fabric until 6pm the night before so I’m lucky I wasn’t in my pyjamas).

Me & my fellow brats: Dave, Shane & Hazel.




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