About Me

I’m a hand-crafter, craft teacher and bunting enthusiast. I draw stars and stick men on everything.

I’m pretty laid back most of the time and almost never speak my mind for fear of confrontation or even mild awkwardness. I do have some strong feelings about things, like being a girl, being Irish, holding a valid traffic cone appreciation society membership and the world, amongst other things. I just keep them to myself most of the time.

I once thought a girl became a woman at around 18, gathered her life experiences into a ball and created her identity. I  realised in my mid-twenties not only that everyone (girl, boy, man or pigeon) is multifaceted and can be many things at once but also that we evolve and grow/regress every day of our lives. Either that or I’m trying to excuse not having my shit together yet.

I have an awful lot to figure out. I’m making the enormous mistake of documenting part of my personal evolution here.

(one might ask why if foresight tells me it’s a mistake am I continuing to do so. Please don’t ask. Let me make my own deliberate mistakes. How else will I learn?)

So these are some of my thoughts. #nofilter


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